4 Prescriptions For GOOD Behavior

Have you ever struggled with finding the right words to say to your child? Or maybe your child has started to tune you out. Do you ever feel like parenting is an overwhelming task that leaves you stressed out and exhausted? If you are feeling guilty, you are not alone.

In fact, many parents often secretly feel shame and embarrassment about their lack of control with their young ones. It can be frustrating and debilitating, leaving you feeling completely helpless and confused on where to turn for advice on how to raise your child properly with the least amount of stress.

The way you parent now is setting the stage to how your child will perform in social situations, school, and their future career. It’s critical your child learns the proper communication tools from YOU now.

With your help, your child will prosper and flourish into the bright person you know he can be.

4-Prescriptions-For-Parenting_1Whether your parenting issues are occasional or ongoing, there are simple ways to make improvements
right now. Children’s personalities are in flux so there is an ongoing need to be adaptable and resourceful.

My name is Lois and after 38 years as a teacher of young children I’ve seen all kinds of behavior
challenges. After years of teaching many parenting classes I have
addressed the following questions over and over.

“Why does my child always test me?”

“How can we have a more peaceful life instead of going around in
circles with the same old issues, again and again?”

“What is the best way to work through melt downs?”

“How do I end all the negotiating?”

“What should I do when my child hits?”

Guilt is common among parents. With all the developments in the field of psychology, people know how important it is to be a good parent. But what if your best efforts are still giving you poor results?

Children didn’t come with an instruction book so unless you have studied child development you may quickly discover you are in over your head. There is good news though! The pain and struggle you are feeling right now may be just what you need to turn things in a whole new direction.

You have the most powerful impact when your child is young. Current brain research confirms that 85% if the child’s personality is formed by age five.

Negative habits can become stubborn patterns and small problems tend to grow into bigger issues over time. Struggles in the home can begin to show up out in public, at school or in other relationships. This can add to your sense of inadequacy and defeat.

The early years is the time to help your child become a responsible, pro-social person. You may be surprised to learn that even the most willful child still really wants you to be in charge. Your parental authority helps your child to feel safe and with a simple instructions you will discover you can guide your child clearly and respectfully away from defiance and toward cooperation.

Help your child learn to make more positive choices while your influence as a parent is the strongest.

Maybe you are reliving the drama of your original family. It’s human nature to repeat family patterns even if the discipline was harsh and ineffective to help you learn. Change requires a willingness to become aware of what you are doing so you can adjust your thinking and make new choices. Working toward solutions with your child is fairly easy when you learn how to approach challenges with a plan as well as the right words.

4-Prescriptions-For-Parenting_3Imagine creating a “working” relationship with your child. Discipline is teaching
and there are ways to say things that allow you to make the most out of any
challenge. Consider the power of Encouragement vs. Praise. The way you give
feedback has a tremendous impact on your child’s choices. With scripted
examples you will easily learn how to recognize exactly what your child
needs to hear in order to repeat positive behavior. If you’ve been praising
and seeing your child respond, wait until you see the even more wonderful
impact of Encouragement. Using Reflective Listening and I messages will
help you to help your child build a Feeling Vocabulary that will allow you
to connect and create a bond of understanding. Understanding and
expressing feelings is an important skill needed for success in life.
As your child grows in self-expression you will be pleased to see a calmer, happier child.

In my quick guide “The Four PreSCRIPTions for Good Behavior”,
will take you through four common scenarios that occur in many homes:

  • The Toy Pick-Up deals with helping your child to care for their toys and manage them so that kid messes around the home are not common.
  • The Picky Eater will give you insight and suggestions for dealing with meal times.
  • It’s Time to Leave! Will address getting out the door on time or leaving any situation when it’s time to go.
  • Its My House and I’m the Boss! Will help you prepare for other children visiting your home as well as your child having play dates with peers.

You will learn how to manage these situations while inviting the child to be part of a planning process that sets the stage for success. The scenarios are offered with a complete dialog so you may imagine a conversation with your child before it actually happens. It will prepare your thinking and allow you to move forward with confidence. The four examples I offer will jumpstart you so that you can use the same processes in any situation that arises.

The word for word scripts and conversations
you can initiate with your children will:

  • Introduce a process for forming agreements that helps to set the stage for success
  • Invite input from the child which almost always guarantees cooperation
  • Take you through the steps of problem solving
  • Give specific words and examples of Encouragement, Reflective Listening and I – messages.
  • Help you establish yourself as a respected and credible parental authority.

I have faith in this approach to discipline and I invite you to give it a try. I have blended several strategies together to give you a comprehensive approach to resolving difficulties in the home. If you are not seeing improvements and positive changes in a short period of time I will return your money but you may still keep the e-book.


4 Prescriptions For GOOD Behavior
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