Good Choices For How to Discipline Your Child

When it comes to deciding on how to discipline your child, it’s good to remember that there is a lot of good options for you to choose from. Even the most seasoned parents and well behaved kids can have rough days. The idea that everything should be going smoothly is often just an idea divorced…

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Kids and Chores

Good parenting solutions help children learn life skills. After reading a recent newspaper article about the value of children doing chores I thought it would be wise to post some ideas about this. Good parenting skills should include helping your child to develop life skills. In the Montessori classroom children as young as three eagerly…

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5 Strategies to Stop Spanking

When it comes to acting on how to stop spanking your child, there are 5 strategies you can do to take charge of the situation. If the only thing in your parenting toolbox is a Hammer or a Strainer, its time to learn something new. Corporal punishment does not solve the problem and only breeds…

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5 Ways to Fortify the Foundation of the Family

Positive parenting skills develop over time and are fortified by a strong relationship between parents. Family life demands lots of energy and flexibility. That being said, it seems that very often the focus remains on the children. Discipline issues, activities outside the home and sometimes illness demand the adults remain open and flexible to the needs…

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When Strangers Indulge Your Child’s Whims

How to discipline kids when strangers are around to indulge your child’s whims? Sounds impossible to handle but believe me it’s possible.  While standing in line at a local store I watched a mom patiently waiting to be next with her three children. There were two older boys about seven and five years old. The…

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Parenting Young Children: Keeping Balance in Family Life

Sometimes parenting young children feels like walking a tightrope. If you imagine a tightrope walker high in the air, you can imagine how important it is to maintain good balance. Holding that long horizontal pole certainly helps. Putting the metaphor aside for a moment, let’s examine how to maintain balance while raising young children. Hold…

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When Your Child Believes “I Can’t!!!”

How to deal with a difficult child is often a question many parents ask themselves.  If you have a child who doesn’t want to try, is feeling left out and has basically given up then you may be seeing the fourth Mistaken Goal of Display of Inadequacy. It’s frustrating and disheartening for a parent to…

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Understanding Revengeful Behavior

Imagine a rough week when you’ve found yourself at odds with your child. He may have gone from seeking negative attention to fighting for power with you over the simplest things. A parent may begin to wonder why a child may wish to continue in this way. Once we understand these misguided child behavior issues, such…

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Understanding the Need Behind Power Struggles

  When children feel disempowered they may get into a power struggle with you. When faced with the dilemma on kids parents and power struggles, how do you go about it? Think of the child’s life and how little input they have regarding their day. They don’t set their schedules for when and where they…

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Awareness + Action = Positive Change

  If you’ve reached out for help to get good parenting tips via a blog or expert, you may find relief with some new ideas yet change doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes along the parenting path one can discover that things are not going as planned. Your idealized notions about parenting have hit a brick wall…

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