Teaching Coping Skills in Your Children

  Stress is a natural part of life and learning how to effectively deal with stress is going to help your child regain his composure in difficult situations. These skills are not taught in school unfortunately so either the child discovers them on his own or they can be part of your parenting process. Helping…

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Let Your Child Be Enough

  By asking yourself repeatedly on how to parent effectively, you are not only guaranteeing your kid becomes the best person he or she can be, but you are also rewarding yourself a gift that lasts a lifetime. Sometimes in our eagerness to believe we are good parents we hope to see proof of it.…

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how to motivate a teenager encouraging-words-for-children

Are you a Corrections Officer?

Do you ever feel like you’re a “corrections” officer ready to drop orders anytime your child misbehaves? A huge part of stopping a bad behavior is to provide encouraging words for children. It seems to me that some adults believe that parenting means a continual litany of corrections to the child.  Pointing out where there…

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Creating a Child-Friendly Home Environment

  Our children are our treasure, and it is our duty as parents to make sure that they are able to grow in a nurturing home. Read these tips on how to create a child friendly home environment. When I was a child I had a few spots in my home that were just for me.…

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Choices, Choices, Choices! Too Much of a Good Thing?

It’s true that offering choices gives a sense of power and control; something not too common in the life of a young child. Choices help in building confidence in kids. Choices also help your child to develop discernment and decision making powers but there is a time when there can be too much of a good…

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Getting Real: Expressing Your Feelings Honestly

If you have a little one more than a few months old you probably already learned that parenting is going to take you on an evolutionary journey. As your child grows outwardly, you will hopefully grow inwardly to be the parent that you wish to be for your precious offspring. It’s a hard journey on…

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Is Technology Interfering With Your Child’s Emotional Development?

Technology has become an essential part in our daily lives. As parents, it is our duty to safeguard our children to the effects of technology on children.   Daniel Goleman, author of Social Intelligence tells us that humans are “hardwired for connection.” Imagine the newborn not connecting and the sense of abandonment that would occur…

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Family Time: Making Daily Connections

If you are skipping meal times together with your family there is some compelling research to help you consider getting back in to the habit. According to several studies, children who have regular meal times with their families, (at least four times a week) perform better academically, maintain better health and also are less inclined…

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The Value of “Alone Time” for Children

When parents first bring their new baby home from the hospital they adapt their routine 100 percent to the child’s needs. As the baby adapts to life outside the womb, she gradually becomes less demanding; that is if the parents help support the child’s growing independence. Being on call 24/7 isn’t easy and it’s certainly…

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How To Respond to Tattling

If you live with more than one child chances are you’ve encountered the annoying habit of tattling. Of course you would like your children to come and tell you if something is seriously going wrong of if the sibling is doing dark experiments somewhere in the house! You don’t really care though to hear that…

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