Five Choices To Improve Your Parenting

Today many parents struggle with the same issues. Regardless of whether your child is easy going or challenging making these new choices will guarantee to improve your parenting skill and your relationship with your child. Choose to use your words sparingly. This means being clear in your communication. Saying what you mean and meaning what…

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Self Esteem for Children vs. Narcissism

The generation of young people born between 1982 -2004 is being referred to as the “Entitled Generation”.  The world they are facing as they approach adulthood is hardly one that will continue to foster this illusion. The question being begged is “How was the attitude of entitlement fostered in so many?”  The answer I believe…

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Ten Steps to Sane Parenting

Raising young children has its joys and its challenges. Sometimes life may feel like a roller coaster or a merry-go-round. When you start to feel that you are losing a sense of direction it’s a good idea to establish what your True North is. By that I mean finding your way back to moving along…

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The Lessons of Grace and Courtesy or Manners 101

In a Montessori community, teaching children manners is known as the “lessons of Grace and Courtesy.” The young child is very interested in these cultural customs and the age of three is an optimal time to begin approaching the task. It goes beyond “Please”, “Thank you” and “You’re Welcome” to include simple things like placing…

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How To Be a “Terrific Parent”

Every parent wants to be a perfect role model to their children. In order to become one, check if you embody the qualities of “terrific” parents. Alfie Kohn has much to say about the challenges and joys of parenting. My biggest take away after reading him is to say that there are no simple answers to the…

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How To Discipline A Child

Often when adults think of how to discipline a child they imagine it as a method for correcting bad behavior and getting the child to behave. If we can expand that view to include more, you can build a foundation for strengthening your relationship with your child while teaching your child social skills. Let’s begin with the…

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parenting -tips-for-toddlers

Four Bad Habits Parents Would Be Wise to Break

We know for a fact that toddlers can be a handful, but if you learn to see things from his point of view, you’ll learn that they can be terrific. Read this valuable parenting tips for toddlers I have for you. To me this article is spot on. I couldn’t say it  better myself so…

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Five Ways To Deal With Tantrums

So what does the adult do when there is an active tantrum or melt down? Dealing with toddler tantrums can be a daunting task but you can go through it. 1. Trust that your child is releasing tension and processing some powerful feelings. It is much healthier that all of this is released rather than…

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Openness and What If?

While it is a fact that there isn’t any single definition or fixed guideline of good parenting, there are a few best parenting tips that will help in guaranteeing your child’s happiness. In my early days of teaching I put an ample amount of my Montessori training and new educational information in the forefront of…

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Sorting Through Feelings

Feelings come with many nuances as well as levels of intensity. The best way to cultivate emotional intelligence in your child is to cultivate it within yourself. If you’ve ever been bogged down with a cluster of negative emotions, take it as an opportunity to educate yourself about your feelings. You can start with a…

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