More EQ: Teach Empathy

Empathy is a critical skill that all children should learn. Attempting to teach empathy to children can be tricky but definitely doable. Empathy is defined as “the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; the ability to share someone else’s feelings.” It is part of the glue that connects us to one…

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Coping Skills: An Attribute of EQ

As a parent, one of the major things you can do is teaching your child to cope. Disappointments, stress, defeat and setbacks are natural and at times are frequent part of our lives. Life is filled with surprises and it is helpful to know how to manage when the waters get rough. Children experience emotions…

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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Children

Parents of young children have the unique opportunity to change the world. This is the reason why a lot of parents seek others’ advice on how to build emotional intelligence in children. When children learn the skills of emotional intelligence, they will live happier lives and also contribute to the greater good. It sounds like…

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Discipline is Teaching

There is a lot of debate these days about how to be a parent. Some recommend what they call “non-punitive parenting” that relies heavily on the parent/child bond.   An article I recently read was discussing the use of natural and logical consequences as a discipline approach. The situation described was one where a child…

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Reading Tips for Parents: Guilty!!

In the many parenting classes that I have taught over the years, the one common feeling among the participants was a sense of guilt. Some parents were intensely guilty and almost immobilized while others seemed to believe that the next right article or skill would fix it all. It’s not so simple. Raising children is…

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Four Steps to Winning Co-operation

Often when adults ask a child to co-operate, they are really saying, “Do it my way.” Here are four ways to discipline your child and win co-operation. Co-operation is more about working together in a situation than following orders. It is something that can be learned by your child through your encouragement. It isn’t reasonable…

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Brain Development

If you knew that you could make a significant and positive impact on your child’s development I am sure you would take full advantage of the opportunity. The child between the ages of 0-6 is going through many transformative stages. The child absorbs from the environment and brain development is supported by hands-on direct experience.…

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Children and Technology

Childhood is definitely different than it was many years ago. Consider your own growing up years to those of your child and you will probably see a vast difference in the way children play today.  Rather than idealize the past and condemn the present, it is wise to consider what may have been lost with…

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Five Questions to Explore the Default Parenting Mode

The new year brings with it opportunities to make a fresh start. Maybe you have decided you want to improve several areas of your life and you are feeling the energy to make some positive changes. Having healthy family relationships ranks high on the list of having a better life in general for most people. In…

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Handling the Holiday Hoopla

As the holidays are fast approaching, here are some personal tips on handling the holiday hoopla in your family. When my children were young there was much anticipation with the approach of the holidays. After a few years of barreling through what seemed like a too busy schedule and a lot of stress and tension I…

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