Involving the Child

There are many ways to incorporate the child into family living by encouraging their interests and including them in a variety of tasks. Here are tips on how to encourage child to be involved. Young children are interested in everything. The pieces of life that adults find mundane and ordinary can be completely fascinating to…

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How to Spend Family Time Together

Parents of young children can begin to have a powerful impact by scheduling a very specific Family Time each week. Here are tips on how to spend family time together. I am sure that most people probably have “family time” each day to some degree but what I am encouraging is something a bit more…

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Breaking Your Child’s Habit of Interrupting!

It can be extremely frustrating if your child has developed the habit of interrupting.Parents of young children are probably very familiar with the challenges of these situations. I share with you here this most excellent advice.  – The No-Cry Discipline Solution (McGraw-Hill 2007) by Elizabeth Pantley Whether you’re on the phone, busy on your computer,…

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Children Learning to Read

In the last decade or so there has been a large focus on children learning to read. Parents of preschool age children have worried and wondered if their child will be able to come to this skill early enough not to be considered “behind”.  Since reading is a global brain activity it is very much…

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Parenting a Pick Eater

I share this most comprehensive article with all due credit to the author Parenting a Picky Eater   By Susan Tracy, M.Ed. I once watched a mother, sandwich in hand, chasing her toddler. As the toddler ran away, laughing gleefully, the mother ran after, reaching around and stuffing the sandwich into the child’s mouth. Parents tell…

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Parenting Young Children: Gathering Stories

For many people November and December are when families gather together to celebrate the various holidays that are part of this time of the year. Here’s a tip on parenting young children during the holidays. Children thrive on the extra attention and connections and the traditions carry with them a sense of continuity and ritual.…

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Parenting Tips for Toddler: Be the Filter

One of the most exciting holidays for the family is Halloween. With all the scary things around, here are great parenting tips for toddler for parents. Young children are wide open in many ways.  Children take the world in on a very literal level so when its time for Halloween consider what this might mean to…

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Kids and Money

Kids and money. Most early childhood experts agree that the sooner a child learns about money, the greater their ability to manage it in later years. When is the right time? Some people think that by the age of six the child should definitely be receiving weekly amounts to learn how to manage it. Others…

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“Let’s Go for a Walk!”

Anyone who has ever taken a walk with a young child can experience what it is to enjoy the journey and not the destination. This is an article that will give you the power of positive parenting. As adults we are driven by schedules and clocks, sometimes rushing from one thing to the next. The…

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Positive Discipline for Preschooler: Promoting Self Esteem

One tip for positive discipline for preschooler is to help them develop a strong sense of self can head off future discipline problems. Children that feel good about themselves generally behave well. Self esteem is not something that is “given” to a child, but rather a vision of Self that the child develops over time from…

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