A Parent’s Tool Box: Screw Driver and screw

If the only tool you have is a hammer, then you might see many situations as a nail. Explore these other suggestions to see if you might enhance your tool box and also create more effective ways to parent your child. A Parenting Tool Box Screw and Screw Driver We might think  using the screw…

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10 Characteristics of Positive Discipline

There are many moving parts to effective discipline and if you have been trying out Positive Discipline you may be surprised at the steep learning curve. Hopefully this list will help you to gain a little more clarity and direction. 10 Characteristics of Positive Discipline   Views problems and challenges as opportunities for the child to learn.…

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BRAVING: V is for Vault

  Anything of great value should be kept in the Vault. The sacred trust we build with our children has several aspects to it. What’s in your Vault? The first time I heard the term Vault when referring to keeping someone’s confidences was on a Seinfield episode a few decades back. The term seemed to…

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Teaching Your Child to Cope

Without a doubt there will be days when emotions run high and challenges seem plenty. During that time it’s wonderful to have a trick bag of coping skills at your disposal. If you’re asking yourself the question, “how to cope with stress?” There are fun ways to defuse and bring calm to mind and body…

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Parents! Use Your Words!

Language is a powerful tool and it is well known that the child understands much more than she can communicate. The brain is hard at work cataloging the meaning of words and gathering new concepts via context and experience. It is wise if you are a hands-on parent in this regard, talking through daily routines…

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How To Discipline Children: Reactive or Proactive?

  Many parents wonder how to discipline children. What is effective? What will solve the problem? There are two approaches discussed here. The reactive approach is the old paradigm. The proactive approach builds relationship and a strong bond. Reactive:  Done in response to a problem or situation; reacting to problems when they occur instead of doing…

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10 Questions To Build Good Parenting Skills

Good parenting skills are built over time. There are many ways to proactively support your child. Children learn what they live and the more aware you are of the values you are modeling the greater impact you can have in passing on beliefs and behaviors that support a healthy life. Good parenting skills are developed…

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Positive Parenting Tips: 5 Ways to Get Ready for School

  These positive parenting tips may help. With summer winding down and the start of the school year written on the calendar in August for many, it’s a good time to get reoriented to this busier time of the year. Since humans are creatures of habits it makes sense to ease into changes whenever possible.…

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Kids and Chores

Good parenting solutions help children learn life skills. After reading a recent newspaper article about the value of children doing chores I thought it would be wise to post some ideas about this. Good parenting skills should include helping your child to develop life skills. In the Montessori classroom children as young as three eagerly…

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When Strangers Indulge Your Child’s Whims

How to discipline kids when strangers are around to indulge your child’s whims? Sounds impossible to handle but believe me it’s possible.  While standing in line at a local store I watched a mom patiently waiting to be next with her three children. There were two older boys about seven and five years old. The…

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