The Language of Encouragement !

Tired of saying “Good Job!” and ready for some new ideas to encourage your child? Come join me on Wednesday, March 22,2017 from 6:30- 8:30 PM at the Fort Colllins Senior Center to learn ways to give positive feedback that encourages cooperation and builds self esteem. Call 221-6644 to register.  

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10 Simple Tips to Positively Impact Your Parenting

  When you want your child to listen, be sure to maintain eye contact.Since 80% of communication is nonverbal you want to be sure that your child is getting the message you are sending.   Be firm and consistent. This means you say it like you mean it and follow through with what you If…

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Why Being Accountable Makes You a Better Parent

How to be better parents? When we are held accountable for a job or position we’ve opted to take on we are being serious and committed. Parenting is beyond doubt a job where being accountable can pay off in big ways. Definition: Obligation or willingness to accept responsibility; taking into account one’s actions; answerability. Brene…

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B is for Boundaries: Building Trust

When we have positive relationship with children there is less of a chance for us to create confusion by becoming enmeshed. Brene Brown is making waves as a Social Scientist and Shame and Vulnerability Researcher. She offers much food for thought when it comes to living a Wholehearted Life. In a talk I recently watched she…

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handling-the-holiday hoopla

Happier Holidays With Your Children

Holidays can be a little stressful for parents who have toddlers in tow. As the holidays are fast approaching, here are some personal tips which aims to help for parents on how to combat holiday stress. As a young mother I can remember how the approach of the holidays left me feeling eager yet concerned…

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Are You A “Good Enough” Parent?

There is no experience on Earth quite like parenting. It can take you to the heights of joy and the depths of despair with lots of frustration and confusion thrown in the middle. I remember being faced with a screaming infant for the 100th night in a row. The colic was supposed to be over…

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10 Questions To Build Good Parenting Skills

Good parenting skills are built over time. There are many ways to proactively support your child. Children learn what they live and the more aware you are of the values you are modeling the greater impact you can have in passing on beliefs and behaviors that support a healthy life. Good parenting skills are developed…

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Good Choices For How to Discipline Your Child

When it comes to deciding on how to discipline your child, it’s good to remember that there is a lot of good options for you to choose from. Even the most seasoned parents and well behaved kids can have rough days. The idea that everything should be going smoothly is often just an idea divorced…

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Kids and Chores

Good parenting solutions help children learn life skills. After reading a recent newspaper article about the value of children doing chores I thought it would be wise to post some ideas about this. Good parenting skills should include helping your child to develop life skills. In the Montessori classroom children as young as three eagerly…

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When Strangers Indulge Your Child’s Whims

How to discipline kids when strangers are around to indulge your child’s whims? Sounds impossible to handle but believe me it’s possible.  While standing in line at a local store I watched a mom patiently waiting to be next with her three children. There were two older boys about seven and five years old. The…

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