Children and Technology

Childhood is definitely different than it was many years ago.

Consider your own growing up years to those of your child and you will probably see a vast difference in the way children play today.  Rather than idealize the past and condemn the present, it is wise to consider what may have been lost with the onset of technology. The simple things that support brain development have not been eradicated. They have only been replaced with the ever ready entertainment available through games available on computers and tablets.

Hands on exploration and discovery remain the potent educational tool that it always was. Children that engage in arts and crafts, simple science and self directed play are building a personal knowledge of themselves and the world. Learning is more than remembering facts and being entertained.

It is reasonable to expect your child to learn how to play alone; to have quiet times to daydream and find ways to positively occupy oneself. There is a certain grounding that takes place when this happens. Quiet times allow the child time to integrate the experiences of the day. As parents it is important to build this into the daily routine of toddlers and preschoolers.

Read this article for a few good reasons to reconsider starting your young child on tablets and computers.  Author, Jane Healy wrote “Endangered Minds” many years ago to warn parents of the negative impact of computers on the developing brain. This article poses some parental concerns worth exploring.

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