Parenting is more of an art than a science and unless you’ve studied child development, you may be struggling to find your way. Even then it is not uncommon to discover that the path has grown rocky and you feel you are off track with your hopes as a parent. You are not alone. Many parents are struggling with guilt as they try to figure out how to handle challenges. I believe that people make the best choices they can make based on what they know. By expanding your options you can make a better choice.

Children often express their feelings and needs with behavior rather than language and because of this there can be confusion and misunderstandings on the part of the adult. There are ways to decode this form of communication and tools that you can use to effectively handle any situation that may arise with your child.

Via phone call of Skype we can connect and sort through your current challenges. I will offer you customized support that will get you on the path to a better relationship with your child. We will look at ways to make a plan and set a goal so you can become the parent you wish to be.  As you build skills in working with your child you will feel empowered and back on track to creating the family life you truly desire.

There are tools and ideas for every situation you may be facing.

Do you find your child balking and resisting your daily schedule? There are ways to enlist cooperation and smooth things out.

Is meal time a struggle and you find yourself worried about your picky eater? There are strategies to take the worry out.

Are daily tantrums causing a stress and drain on the relationship? How you respond can lessen the intensity.

Has your child become “mother/father deaf” so that you feel you are repeating and still being ignored? There are ways to get your child’s attention and know you are being heard.

Is whining working on your last nerve? Certain responses can eliminate this completely.

Does your child view you as the “entertainment center” and is demanding attention all day long? By enlisting your child’s help there are ways to end this pattern.

Has fighting and sibling rivalry created a tense and unhappy home environment? Find out how to establish peace and mutual respect.

If you are frustrated with your child and disappointed with your inability to positively impact your child then it may be the perfect time to consider getting some objective guidance to help you feel more optimistic about your relationship. When children are young it is the best time to make these corrections in your approach because it will definitely set the stage for your relationship in later years when your impact is less powerful.

Ask yourself:

  • What is your dream about having this child in your life?
  • What prevents it from being real?
  • How important is this?

If you think the next step is to get some coaching, please be in touch.


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Describe your current challenges with your children

What is the best thing about being a parent for you right now?

What is the hardest thing about being a parent right now?

What would need to happen for you to feel that your parenting was effective?