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Four Bad Habits Parents Would Be Wise to Break

We know for a fact that toddlers can be a handful, but if you learn to see things from his point of view, you’ll learn that they can be terrific. Read this valuable parenting tips for toddlers I have for you.

To me this article is spot on. I couldn’t say it  better myself so I will share it here. I will add only a couple of things.

The child of 0-6 is highly impressionable and is absorbing, adapting and organizing in response to the environment. Of course you cannot be perfect but you can be real. As role models, parents teach their children what it is to be human with the whole gamut of emotions that come with living in this world.

Our children can be catalysts for our personal growth as I mentioned in my blog post called Openness and What If.” Our love of the child can be a powerful motivator for us to become more patient, kind and tolerant while still maintaining personal integrity and boundaries. These are positive attributes of good mental health.

So onto the article.

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