Sorting Through Feelings

Feelings come with many nuances as well as levels of intensity. The best way to cultivate emotional intelligence in your child is to cultivate it within yourself.

If you’ve ever been bogged down with a cluster of negative emotions, take it as an opportunity to educate yourself about your feelings. You can start with a list. Write down as many as you can. Name the feeling to start.  If you keep going back to mad, sad and angry consider this list.

Defeated, discouraged, discontent, discounted disrespected, annoyed, frustrated, left out, despondent, aggravated, furious, shut down, confused, placated, pitied, stifled, ignored, provoked, embarrassed, silenced, isolated………..

Each of these feelings has its own unique “tone”. After you’ve written your list then you can start a sentence like “I feel defeated when……………”  (Fill in the blank) Write a sentence for each feeling that you listed. When you are done you will feel like all that negativity running around up in your head is now on paper right in front of you. Its good to get it OUT! Sometimes when we don’t take the time to sort we just keep adding to the list unintentionally. Writing it out somehow helps you have power over it. If you have a good friend you might want to share some of it. If not, you might have a ritual to free yourself from it. Tear the paper up into tiny shreds or safely burn it and as you do either, take a deep cleansing breath. Life is beautiful but it can be tough too and every now and then we need to check into our inner landscapes and do some house cleaning.

I hope this might help you feel empowered and also able to help your child freely express and move through feelings. Name it, claim it and dump it!

About The Author

Lois Olson

Founder of The Montessori Children's House Inc. Laramie, Wyoming Montessori Primary Certification 1973
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting facilitator certification
Thirty eight years of experience working with children ages 3-6
Twenty five years facilitating parenting groups
Ten years facilitating teacher training
B.A In Psychology

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